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Grains made by Global Laser Group (GLG) with local know how in a wordwide mission.


USA – CustomEtch     EUROPA – KRÜTH     China – TZZ
2012 first joint projects
2014 AGIE Laser 4000 in locations
2015 formation GLG officially


GLG, the GlobalLaserGroup, has been established to represent resources of 3 technologies: 3D-Laser Engraving, Laser-Etching Engraving & Etching Engraving. The claim is to provide customers around the world with best service and a identical grain quality of digital engraving technique at latest version of production technique.

To reach a global performance with identicaL quality-standard and technology-transfer the GLG starts graining with indetical parameters stored in one grain-passport.


Continuous development of new grains and a economically efficient production processes and methods are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards to follow a pioneering spirit with the knowlegde of tradition craftsmanship.


GLG worldwide language:

  • worldwide identical standards
  • cost-competitive
  • continuous improvements of process
  • continuous optimization of lead-times
  • constant exchange of news by videoconferences and meetings
  • regulary project meetings by monitoring
GLG-Worldwide Presence


Custom Etch USA

New Castle PA

Establishment 1982

Employees 35

Size 3.200 qm

3 LASER 1000

1 LASER 1200

2 LASER 4000*
* All Laser 4000 have own space with aircondition.

Custom Etch Inc.
1813 West State Street
New Castle, PA 16101
724-652-7117 x 230
Phone  (+1) 724-510-1120
Mr. Don Melonio


KRÜTH Europe

Solingen Germany

Establishment 1969

Employees 85

Size 4.500 qm

1 LASER AF 150

LASER 1200

LASER 4000*


* All Laser 4000 have own space with aircondition.

J. & F. Krüth GmbH

Stuebbener Strasse 96 – 100

42719 Solingen


Phone (+49) 212-383870

Fax (+49) 212-313741

Mr. Stefan Krüth


TZZ China


Establishment 2.000

Employees 64

Size 15.000 qm

2 LASER 600

3 LASER 1000

5 LASER 1200

5 LASER 4000*


* All Laser 4000 have own space with aircondition.

TZZ China

South Gate No. 118

Ke Jing Road, High-tech District

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


Phone (+86) 512-6651-3618

Fax (+86) 512-6651-3628

Mr. Jian Wei Ping

Do not hesitate to contact our members. We look forward to your visit!